Monday, 19 April 2010

Sup Playa's?

Hi guys, a while ago me and my best friend forever Brian
went out to what turned out to be a very disappointing night on the town. 
We got to the city and hopped from one lounge to another trying to avoid the extremely long line at Spark. 
Though dolled up and all, we decided it was a bit sad to still be waiting in line at 1 am. 
TIME IS PRECIOUS. Nonetheless, we had an amazing time in the company of each other. 
Not a great story, but thought some could relate!


bekster said...

I love the red blazer sooo classy but out going and simple.

Celine said...

Yeah, time is precious :)

Love that pics <3


Natalie said...

cute! u both have great style :)

SoFranni Finesse said...

love your blog!


Devon said...

Both outfits are lovely! x

le pearl said...

Yeah I can relate to ridiculous lineups

You look great btw and thanks for checking out my blog <3

Marina said...

thanks for your comment!
looove your blog's name
great pictures,

The Queen of Hearts said...

Fantastic legs! and I love the title of your blog : )

off with her HEAD!

CCWai said...

Good to hear that you guys had fun. Really like the way you two dress.

Ingrid. said...

Love this style!

Nicole Jarecz said...

you guys look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

love that second photo
so chic!
love your blog, keep it up!
thanks for sharing!
and thanks so much for your sweet comments!

-cma the city said...

both of you look absolutely gorgeous!