Saturday, 17 April 2010

Marc Johns

Marc Johns...You send an extraordinary message. 
I admire your apparent expressionless wit. 
Whats your secret?


CCWai said...

Haha, I have to say he's got wits.
The drawings are so charming and cute!

LinhNOTSKINNY said...

thanks for your comment,why you can't shop at H&M?

fashionclocked said...

So witty- simply brilliant- i love this post and i love the photo for your blog with the glitter! awesome!
Thankyou so much for your sweet comment- i will be back! xx katie

Celine said...

lovely blog!

I'll follow you too :)


Victoire said...

I love his style. So simplistic and yet so effective. Definitely going to research some more about him for my art book :)


Nubiasnonsense said...

Very interesting... like half the unicorn

Anonymous said...

really fabulous sketches
love it!!
love your blog, keep it up
thanks for sharing, darling!


Johanna Urban said...

cool, illustrations!



Golden said...

Witty indeed!

Lots of love,

s.v.h said...

id love one of these in my room, so cute! xxx

original seed said...

these are great,you have a wonderful blog!