Saturday, 24 April 2010

Forget that I Love You

Dudes seriously, i gotta get my hands on some better rings. I NEED ACCESSORIES. 
It just aint right living life with bare fingers; i definitely need to get my bling on.


Laura. said...

loving rings at the moment :) you need to get on the hunt!

you left a comment on my blog and it got deleted by accident :( could you stop by again?

Minna said...
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Minna said...

Stunning! I love rings and I would like to get my hands on those in the pictures.

Now that I saw them I realized that I need a few new blingrings too :)

Anonymous said...


Emilia Marie:

VanilahFashion said...

RINGS=drool haha
i think i need some more fingers 10 is just not enough hehe

chloe said...

amazing ring post. i love fully adorned fingers. a great place to get rings is goth shops, they have beautiful silver skulls and snakes and stuff!
and thanks, my hair loves you! xox
naughty mess vintage

{ I V Y } said...

i love love love these!

Naomi-and-her-orange-juice-brick said...

ohh theyre amazing!!!!
i want them!!
please visit me my blog is new i did it yesterday!!!

Hanna ja Sofia said...


I see you follow the blog on your blogger profile. Just found out the person behind the blog is using my photos from as her "identity". (And lots of other photos from other blogs without credits, too.) I would really appreciate if you wouldn't follow this fake blog anymore. If you find my style interesting, you can see more of that on my & my sisters blog. :)

Best wishes from Finland,

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

The only way to wear rings is pile them on! Love these photos!

Anna said...

Great collection of rings!

le pearl said...

Ughhh ring collections, they get me EVERY time!

Victoire said...

I was thinking that too today! My ring collection is tiny and eww. ahh these are making me salivate :O



nice pieces. i'm looking for some too...

Philippa said...

WOW this is a great post! amazing collection of photos!

.sabo skirt. said...

This jewelry is amaaaazing!! We love wearing too many rings at the same time =D

Great post!