Sunday, 23 May 2010


(via fashionandmodels)(via breakfastatbarneys)mrgolightly:First look: Lady Gaga in Alejandro
so i saw these pictures and was like hell yeah they are awesome. 
then i came across the third and was like "FUCK YEAH ALEJANDRO"



Ana Larruy said...

woow darling great job with your blog!! Really like it!! Hope you like mine too:
take care lovely, xoxo!

Lucia ♥ said...

absolutely amazing pictures!!!
love love love 'em

Rosa said...

loving that 2nd picture !! :p
and the earrings in the 1st one are gorgeous! :)

carlastyle said...

the second photo is mazing!!!
i like lady gaga's music, kisses

Mouthwash said...

love Gaga. So much!! I love the sheer in the 1st one


ryder said...

cant wait to go to gagas concert.

Clara said...

great post!

Wendy said...

Gaga! Her songs are so catchy, I find myself singing them everywhere I go.

Mariel said...

The first model is fierce! I am verrry intrigued by whatever it is she's wearing.

Panda said...

This is a seriously great post,
You have such a good blog. I love reading your new posts!! And thanks for you sweet sweet comment on my last post, i really appreciate it!
Panda xx

Sarah said...

great shots! i still don't know what to think about the crazy eyebrows in the first one! xxx

makeitupgirl said...

hey cool pics!

Samantha said...

Lovee the photos=)